Welcome to my home!

Tervetuloa! Welcome!

In summer I moved to Jyväskylä and I think until now I haven’t shown proper pictures of my flat. This should be changed, so welcome for a small room tour around my small apartment. 🙂

I think I told earlier, how hard it is to get a flat in Jyväskylä. Many students live in the town and everyone wants an own, but small flat, which is understandable. When I started my search I was told that I won’t get an flat for myself from the student housing. I decided to start looking on the private market too. Luckily over a work college’s daughter I got this flat. And I couldn’t be happier and couldn’t feel more home in the new town. The flat has the perfect size, (bedroom and kitchen ae separated) and the perfect location (right in the centre) and on top of it, there is a small walk-in closet and a bathtub. Bathtubs are not that common in Finland, at least for small rented flats.

It’s the first time in my life, that I live completely alone. The biggest advantage of this is definitely that I can decorate everything and as much as I want to. 😉 Over the years living with my boyfriend a lot of clothes, kitchenware and so much more things piled up. Thankfully, the flat has 4 built-in closet and as mentioned a small walk-in closet. So everything I don’t need or don’t want to see can be hidden in there. It looks much more tidy than a closet in the middle of the room.

I´ve never paid attention to the size of the flat’s own furniture until my boyfriend mentioned it. The bathroom’s and kitchen’s furniture are very low, especially the bathroom’s sink. I’m not very tall, but even for me it could be a little higher. We were joking that the apartment was probably designed for dwarfs. Or Finnish people have been smaller when this house was built. 😉

P.S. The teddy bear on the bed is self made! (I had to mention it 😉 )


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