Visiting Vilnius part one

Now it’s almost two weeks ago, when we spent three nice days in Vilnius! It was the first time for both of us to visit Lithuania. After Latvia and Estonia it was time to explore the last Baltic capital. Don’t ask me which city would be my favourite, I love them all. I experiences all three cities much more real and down to earth than bigger metropolises like London or Stockholm.
However, I would say Vilnius and Riga share the pole position. 😉 We travelled only with cabin baggage and I was really happy (& a little bit proud), that I managed so well to get everything for two nights in my tiny backpack. I decided to take my small digital camera instead of the big SLR. Maybe not the best choice quality wise, but it was a lot handier, to carry the camera in my packet. This way I took many, many pictures. So many that it was hard to decide which pictures to share with you…

The airport of Vilnius is really small and doesn’t look like an airport at all! The arrival hall is decorated with beautiful chandeliers. For everyone going to Vilnius, take a local bus, it costs around 1€, don’t follow the travel guide instructions and take a taxi!

I totally lost track of all the churches in this city, I cannot remember to be in a town with so many churches. I am not speaking about small churches, they were all very impressive. On the last pictures you see another one.

Sadly the weather was not the best, it drizzled almost the whole time. I really liked the old town, which was actually very big and offered many, many churches and small alleys with beautiful houses.

On the first evening, after researching on Trip Advisor (this page is definitely recommendable!) we decided to go eat in a German restaurant (“Bunte Gans“) and both really enjoyed our food! They offer all the traditional food like “Schnitzel” and “Schweinsbraten”.

I got my boyfriend to eat frozen yoghurt with me! And he really liked it, so we went on the last day again. You could mix an own combination of many different tastes. I for example took besides the usual yoghurt, pistachio (ok) and bubble gum/tiramisu (sounds strange, but was really yummi).

statues on the green bridge


  1. Oh, die Kirche sieht sehr schön aus. Und das Restaurant hört sich ja gut an, Trip Advisor ist echt super!Und Frozen Yogurt, mjam! 🙂

  2. Ach wie schön 🙂 Ich habe vor 2 Jahren ein Auslandssemester in Vilnius gemacht und habe die Stadt sehr sehr gern gemocht. Es war einfach eine total tolle Zeit dort. In Helsinki war ich auch, leider nur fĂŒr einen Tag von Tallin mit der FĂ€hre.
    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe 🙂

  3. Schöne Bilder! Ich liebe es total, wie großzĂŒgig östliche StĂ€dte immer sind 🙂

    Und zu den Huntersocken: ich glaube auch nicht, dass sie sonderlich warm halten. Außerdem sind sie mir dann doch zu teuer, fast 40€. Hab mir jetzt erstmal normale Thermoeinlagen geholt und werde jetzt nach einer gĂŒnstigeren Socken-Alternative suchen, da muss es doch etwas geben! =)

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe,

    * eleonoras blog *

  4. Vilnius ist wirklich kein typisches Reiseziel, aber ich wĂŒrde auch sehr gerne mal dorthin! bin auf weitere Fotos gespannt 🙂

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