Jyväskylä – the Athens of Finland

I’m living now for 4 weeks in Jyväskylä and I really like this town. It’s definitely small, but in the end it has everything I need. I live luckily in the centre and can reach everything (shops, university) by bike or feet.
In the last week I had a friend over, which was the perfect chance to combine sightseeing with some picture taking.

We started to walk from the railway station and went to the big Jyväsjärvi-lake in the centre of the town. In winter there will be a 2 km long track for ice skating, I cannot wait to try this out. However, the lake doesn’t need to get frozen too soon. Afterwards we walked up Harju-hill, I mentioned already in an earlier post that the stairs up the hill are the perfect gym. On top of Harju-hill is a watch tower, where you can go for free. You get a wonderful view over the whole town and surrounding. Sadly the tower is closed by windows, so the pictures aren’t the best. But for winter the windows are surely a big plus!

You might be wondering why Jyväskylä is called “the Athens of Finland”. The university of Jyväskylä is THE university in Finland when it comes to education. It was the first university where education was taught in Finnish language. As a centre for education and culture it got this nickname, sadly this is not connected to the weather.


  1. Oh, die Universität hört sich ja echt super an!
    Dankeschön:) Das mit dem Einreden, dass bald nochmal Sommer ist, hört sich ganz gut an 😀
    Liebste Grüße:)

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