Day trip to (dark) Turku

Yesterday I visited a friend, who lives in Turku. From Helsinki it is less than two hours by train, a good distance for a short visit.

The weather is still grey and sad in Southern-Finland, but in the end of the week it might get more winterly. The greyness really starts to bother me, hopefully we’ll have some snow anytime soon. In Turku it even get bright at all over the day. When we decided to go out for a walk around town, it was almost too late and dark for taking good pictures. In summer 2012 I visited Turku as well, here are a few pictures of the Turku in Summer.
Through Turku goes the Aurajoki-river, we walked by this river and stopped at the cathedral. Over the river goes a new opened led-light bridge, which forms a beautiful contrast to the dark. Sadly it didn’t snow, the gif-animation of the first picture is some kind of magic. I uploaded the pictures as usual and when I put them on the blog, two pictures were animated. Strange, but I definitely like those effects!

Now living in Jyväskylä, Turku felt much more like a big city. Even it has “only” 50 000 more residents than Jyväskylä. In a way all Finnish towns I have visited look the same. Usually there is one big street surrounded by shops and malls and a market square in the centre. (Also some Finnish people think so… ;D)
When I was looking from my friend’s window, I thought if someone would tell me, that I’m in Tampere or Kuopio right now, I would have believed it. Of course this doesn’t mean Finnish towns are boring, surely they all have something special and different to the others. Turku for example was Finland’s first capital, just one reason why you should go there.


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