Bye bye 2013

Hopefully all of you had wonderful! I spent the days with my family in Germany, I will leave Wednesday back to Finland.

Every year the same thought, how fast 365 days can pass… I thought a review of the past 12 months would be nice, before 2014 arrives. This year was definitely a year with big changes. I wish you a happy new year and tell me, what were the favourite trips or moment of 2013!

Let’s start to look at some journeys of 2013:

In the beginning of January we spent a weekend in Tallinn, where I did (besides sightseeing) my English language test (IELTS) for my university application. In May we flew to Turkey, the perfect destination after the long, cold and dark Finnish winter! Of course I visited family and friends in Germany as well. In August we did a small cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm. The travel year ended with a short trip to beautiful Vilnius. My boyfriend’s dream is to visit every country in Europe, so we’ll have to see that we can cross a few more countries in 2014 from that list. 🙂 I couldn’t say which was my favourite trip… If I had to, I would probably say Turkey. At the time when we travelled, I was still working in the preschool and definitely needed 7 relaxed days by the beach. However, I always enjoy city trips, it’s nice to walk around and explore a new city by foot.

My goal for 2013 was to stop using plastic bags. (see the post here) This “challenge” went really well and I always had an own bag with me. Only, when I bought my winterjacket I got a plastic bag, since it didn’t fit in my bag.
In the beginning of 2013 I ordered textile bags for fruits, which I used 50% of my shopping. The other 50% I forgot them at home. However, there were times, when I was happy to have a few of the small plastic fruit bags at home. They could come handy when I had to pack something. In the past 12 months it became natural for me to have own bags with me and to say: “No plastic bag for me, thanks!” No question, I will continue shopping without plastic bags in 2014 as well!

The biggest change and adventure in 2013 was definitely my move to Jyväskylä in Central-Finland. I always wanted to continue with a Master degree. Sadly there wasn’t any possibility for me to study in Southern-Finland. I rejected the chance of full-employment and being 24/7 with my boyfriend and moved to a complete new town. And I didn’t regret this move any minute. Surely, there are many moments, when I wish I could go to another room to see my boyfriend than travelling 4 hours by train. I know that this is only temporary, which makes it a lot easier. Further, I learn so much more about and for myself as well for my “career”.


  1. I have also thought of using these special fruit bags, but I have always been scared that maybe they don't like that in the shops when I put my fruits to there different bags.. But is seems it worked for you, so I want to buy these too, now 🙂
    It's cool you went to Tallinn 🙂 This is where I am from, but now I am living in Finland too 🙂
    You said you were working at preschool? Are you a teacher??

  2. Hello Sandra,
    I hope you see this comment…!! I couldn't find a mailaddress or so from your account. 🙂
    The fruit bags are SO handy and I´ve never had a problem in the shop, a few weeks ago the saleswoman even asked where I got them. 🙂 I saw the bags now in some K-markets as well.

    I'm a kindergarten teacher. 🙂

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